Turning Followers into Fans

Below are some tips to get you thinking about how to offer the best value you can to the people that need you most.

1. Sell or give what you want or need to others! Think the golden rule. If there is something you are trying to find, whether it’s an info product or a certain kind of footwear, find it and sell it. The people you relate to the best are probably looking for the same things you are.

2. You get what you pay for. Most of your followers know that they don’t get something of value for free. That shouldn’t stop you from giving, but understand that people are naturally suspicious and will need to be told clearly what your motive is and what you will gain by giving them a freebie, even if it is not money-related.

3. People respond positively to openness and honesty. If you are likable, don’t overlook the fact that people may want to support you. Make it easy for them to find what it is you offer at a price point that they feel good about. Example: There are a few folks online that I follow and I’d have a coffee with them if I had the chance, but I have no idea what they are offering! It’s not clear. Sadly, it feels like a waste of time to read their content. Others have given me some amazing freebies and if they have a donation button or an intro product, I’ve been known to buy it!

4. Closely related to the last point is this: remember to give your fans what they came for. It’s an honor to get a moment’s attention online, so be sure and give them appropriate content. Example: If you’re a classically-trained oil painter (like me!) then your peeps want to see beautiful artwork in the genre that they expect from you.

5. Announce big wins with discretion. How much discretion will depend on what business you are in. No matter what business you have, be sure to thank your followers and clients often and stay humble. I’ve noticed a perverse trait. There are some amazing people online that I admire. Sometimes it happens that they get so successful that I stop watching their videos or visiting their sites as much. I feel like they no longer need me and the perceived relationship becomes a mite dull. We love to watch the underdog win. When the underdog becomes the superhero, sometimes we disengage. Weird, huh? People that follow you need to feel needed! My word of the year is “listen” and these are some of the fruits of listening to the shouts, whispers and tweets of online communities.   

Creative Entrepreneurs! Turning Followers into Fans by Understanding Five Social Principles
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