Content: Is More Better?

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No New Content? You Don’t Necessarily Need It!
How do you write content when you feel like there’s nothing new to write about?
When you’re feeling like you have nothing new of value to offer, one thing to keep in mind is that there are concepts that are familiar to you that will be new to others.
This is especially true when we are learning a new mindset.
For example, there is a particular concept in traditional art (an area I have expertise in) that is difficult to understand and apply. At least it was for me. I must have heard it explained in detail by three or more teachers and a book or two, over the course of five years before an instructor explained it using just the right explanation for me to thoroughly comprehend and use the knowledge.
I learned something SO BIG from that experience that went way beyond the art niche.  I learned that hearing the same, important idea from more than one person until I “get it” is critical! 
When my son doesn’t understand a new math formula as explained by his teacher (on video-we home educate), I explain it. If it still doesn’t click, we get on YouTube together and watch videos by different people until one happens to use the system or words that my son understands. 
The encouragement and the knowledge we need to break the ceiling to the next level up is in someone else’s mind. Is that cool or creepy?! 
Even if you feel like you are one of a crowd of people saying the same thing, the way you explain it or have lived it may be a light-bulb-moment for someone else.
Can you relate to this? Have you had an experience in your own life that you’d like to share as an example?