How to Achieve Your Next Breakthrough

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There is a better version of yourself.

  • The you that is able to understand what needs to be done and the you that knows when to hire someone else to do it.

  • The you that knows what your business can afford and the you that knows what your picture of success looks like.

Smile at yourself in the mirror when you see yourself in the morning. Start the day off with a good attitude and affirmation.
Are affirmations hype? I’m a “no crap” kind of person, but there is social proof that there is a connection between physical and mental habits and goal achievement. New habits can free the mind from old paths that haven’t been productive.
Imagine what it will feel like to move closer to your goals by becoming more familiar with “the new you”.
Sam Ovens, a consulting guru, points out that we have secret fears that we can’t achieve what we wish we could, because we may be holding on too strongly to our present or past identity. It’s like a rocket breaking through the atmosphere and catching fire. We feel we’ll combust and fall. That’s not necessarily an unfounded fear if we imagine who we are today trying to gather courage to do something challenging. But what if we are the better version of ourselves?
What do we look like? Walk like? Live like? Give like? 
Is there someone that you have a healthy respect for as a role model? Do you have a detailed journal account of what you want to be? Do you have a photo file or a Pinterest board that serves as a file of what your life would look like? I recommend finding pictures and writing about it. Get it out of your head and onto paper or a doc.
Knowledge and experience give us confidence and active learning is the bridge between the old self, and its baggage, to your new self that is growing confidence and is able to handle the challenges of breaking through the atmosphere, the barriers of the familiar, and into the space beyond.
I was chopping vegetable the other day, and I was struck by this in such simple language that I dried my hands and wrote it down while it was clear in my mind:

“The new me is able to move forward. The new me can handle challenges and opportunities because by learning, by being actively teachable, I’m daily becoming a better, braver version of myself."

Below are practical steps to help  you on your way.

  • Read, read, read. It's easy to find a terrific book list from someone succeeding in your industry. Reading is the most inexpensive way to up your game.

  • Watch TED Talks!

  • Get rid of objects in your life that, by seeing them, causes a negative self-talk narrative to start in your head.

  • Go to stores and events that seem too good for you. Familiarity turns into comfort. Feelings are like food tastes, if you keep trying it, you might just get used to it!

  • Journal to chronicle your progress.

  • Listen to what other people need that YOU can do or give.

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