How to Multiply Your New Client Conversions

How Creating a Value Ladder Can Re-Vitalize Your Business

Photo by Pille  Kirsi from Pexels

Photo by Pille  Kirsi from Pexels

Beware of the one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to marketing, and more specifically, digital marketing.

I'm a creative person. I have more than one business and value/product that I offer. The result has been that I am genuinely concerned about marketers that try to sell the same digital marketing package to everyone, because what works for one business type, may not work for another. 

We're always looking for how we can better assist clients, right? And not only assist our current clients, but find more of our perfect clients.

In the linked YouTube video below, Jan describes a value ladder, and concentrates on the fact that, in business, we are exchanging value for value. Honest businesses and organizations are not trying to con people out of their money. In a healthy, symbiotic relationship, we are happy to give and receive because both parties are exchanging value. 

However, what each business or organization type gives as an "introductory offer" is different. The intro offer should be a small part of the service or product experience that the customer can expect to receive as a future, continuing client or patient.

What is a small service that you can offer that is part of the overall experience that you are showcasing to your prospective client?

See if you can come up with three ideas, then run them by me or someone else involved in your business or organization. The right offer combined with digital promotion should multiply your new client conversion.


Be sure to think about what a client is worth to you. What is the price ticket on your average service or product?

Knowing your ROI will help you determine how much your ad and marketing budget should be, as well as how to understand whether or not it's succeeding.

In another video, Jan recorded an informal testimonial video with a Dutch dentistry office. The dentist and Jan had come up with a free teeth cleaning as "bait" (or the gift, as I prefer to say) with targeted ads in the neighborhood of the clinic, and the dentist gained as many clients in a month as she would have normally in a quarter.

A digital marketer should be able to bring you enough new client activity to pay for themselves through your business.

If you'd like to talk to me about your client acquisition strategy, please reach out!