Avoid Content Burnout- Article Review

The article that may have saved my soul.

In the 2017 March/April issue of Writer's Digest magazine, there is an article in the Inkwell section, written by Brandon Ambrosino, titled: Web Writing With Substance.

I just finished reading it, and came running downstairs to sit down and plunk out on the computer my take-aways from it.

First of all. Thank you Mr. Ambrosino. 

In the beginning of the article, Brandon tells us that he worked at a digital media startup in 2014. There he learned to pump out "content" for social media as quickly as possible because when so much is available, that's the way they were taught to stay on top of the game and get noticed. Not only is the value of what you're sharing bound to get iffy, it's exhausting.

There is so much hype in social media right now. I'm riding the waves too, learning like crazy, and listening with all my might, but the thing I keep feeling is: with so many people talking so much, it's just a matter of time until the listeners get fed up. Everyone gets burn-out, the content makers and the listeners. There are some perverse human traits that come into play here as well, you can read about them here ( if you're not exhausted!)- Turning Followers into Fans.

Churning out content still can help people, but it has a short lifespan. It's okay for a side-gig, but it will get tiring unless there is an authentic benefit or solution and likable personality to go with it.

Brandon says, "Don't be tempted to target your writing for social media". There is so much being out every day that it's better to focus on your authenticity and getting it in front of the right publication or right people.

One thing to be careful of in any related industry, is not to re-invent the wheel unless you really want to. Re-consider venues that are already established so that you can focus on your creative product and not spend more energy than you intended to build a following from zero. Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket that you'll have to sit down and weave first.