Our Privacy Policy

I'd like to let you know that we collect personal data, like your name and email address, and any other optional information you choose to give us for the exclusive use of doing business together. Creative Start Consulting will not share or sell your information.


If you choose to receive regular communications from us through our email service, your personal information is held in our 3rd party mail server and list builder, Mailchimp. Mailchimp is also GDPR compliant and will not use, make public, or sell or share your information.


I use cookies on this site, which anonymously tracks visitors to determine what my most useful and popular artwork and information is. This helps me create relevant content.The data collected is anonymous and will never be used in any attempt to track a specific visitor (I don't think it could be done and I have no wish to try). Analytics tracking is done through this website platform, Squarespace. which is GDPR compliant, and Google Analytics.


Creative Start Consulting uses social follow and share buttons and links, and sometime re-posts content made by others in an acceptable manner, giving proper attribution/ authorship. We are not responsible for the adherence to privacy policies that third parties, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others not mentioned here may have. You are free to visit each connected site or platform's privacy policy if you are concerned or curious.


When a project with a client is initiated, Creative Start Consulting will collect, with written consent, only the necessary information and will prompt you, the client, to alter any passwords that we may need for platforms involved in the project/contract for the duration of the project. On top of that, we are simply honest people. The only time we would share information would be in the case of discovering criminal activity of the part of a client or account, and authorities would be notified. 


At some point in the future, this site may display affiliate links as deemed helpful and appropriate. We only affiliate for organizations or persons with products that we happily endorse as useful and valuable resources. We are not responsible for their collection and use of your data. Please check with any service providers that you are unsure of.